Igen Process


What we do, how we do it and why we do it.


rough an online classroom and lab format, you will take part in a curriculum that brings together education, self-observation, and planning that will lead to consecutive and significant weight reductions until you reach your ideal weight. It is a systematic and transparent set of tools, steps, and sequences that guide you and your  teacher through specific activities that will lead to your ideal weight.

This process does not involve physical exertion beyond your normal activities, nor a deprivation of any specific foods. You can take this class online as a group in the privacy and comfort of your own home or in person if there is an Igen Process practitioner nearby. 


 As you learn and understand the concepts being presented in the class portion, the lab/homework activities will confirm the effects and influence they have on your body and your behavior. Habits that get in the way of your goals will be identified and through the planning process they will be modified or eliminated.

The class ends when you reach your ideal or perfect weight. This may take a few months for some and a few years for others. However, the progress toward your goal will always be evident.

For those of you who choose to become teachers, there is a separate class to address teaching and learning strategies in order to keep quality and uniformity in our services. There is an annual re-certification process for these teachers.


Excess weight is an existential threat to the human species. Statistics in the US have gone from 8% in the 1950’s to 85% in 2019. This problem can be solved through education.

Willpower is not enough!

People who are tenacious, courageous and insightful enough to create businesses, happy families and successful enterprises, have fallen prey to excess weight and obesity. More than willpower, having the right knowledge is the key to success.

Millions have successfully reduced their weight and that means we all have the capacity to do so..

That this global phenomenon happens only in developed countries, gives us a partial clue as to its origins; food abundance and 24/7 access!