Igen Process


;,I am a retired educator and served as a Principal in the Los Angeles School District’s Adult Education Programs. I also taught a Methods and Materials of Adult Education class at California State University at Dominguez Hill’s Teacher Education Department.


When I retired in 2010 I was tipping the scales at 249 pounds, 109 more than when I started in 1981. As I was slowly losing weight, my wife brought home Dr. David Kessler’s book “The End of Overeating” I applied the concepts and began a very quick reduction. I was surprised and amazed to lose even more weight without exercising or changing my diet. I felt that if I could put what I was learning in a template that anyone could follow, it would help many avoid the downward spiral in health that comes with excess weight. With my background in Physiological Psychology, Adult Education, and Learning, I created the Igen Process as a template for weight reduction.


The foundation for the Igen Process consists of three energy related biological processes common to all; a paradigm shift that gives rise to two operating principles, and a set of tools, steps and procedures to guide you in a systematic and transparent way to your ideal weight. As a textbook to accompany the Igen Process class, this book will give you the background information that allows you to initiate and understand your weight reduction goals.

 The most direct way to your ideal weight is to join the weekly class and experience the process.


This book validates Pogo cartoonist Walter Kelly’s famous line “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” We are completely and totally responsible for our weight, but not in the manner you think! Come find out how and why!