Igen Process

Goal Affirmations

Close your eyes and imagine yourself on the beach. Imagine yourself walking on the beach with the sand warm on your feet, the sun bright in your eyes, the breeze softly blowing ….. Now picture yourself standing in front of an inviting spot and seeing a hammock. Imagine yourself climbing into the hammock and swinging gently under the shade of tropical palms feeling so relaxed that you find yourself getting sleepy.

I am sure at some point in your life, you have been made to undergo this experiment and actually felt yourself being transported to some tropical island and lulled into a state of relaxation. Ever wonder how this is so?

Studies conducted show that the areas stimulated in the brain during times of imagination and actual perception seem to be similar. Interestingly, our brain has the characteristic of not being able to distinguish fantasy from reality. During real experiences, our neo cortex or reasoning brain receives information from the senses and constitutes a sense of reality.

However, when reality is disconnected, as when we sleep, the experience of a dream becomes as real as if it were happening while you were awake. Think of the times that you have had a particularly vivid dream and you wake up all sweaty, convinced that there was a hooded man with fiery eyes chasing you. The relief of engaging your physical senses again comforts you.

It is this power of the brain, the inability to distinguish fantasy from reality, that gives the use of imagery and affirmations their power.

What is imagery?

According to the Stanford Encylopedia of Psychology “Mental imagery (varieties of which are sometimes colloquially referred to as “visualizing,” “seeing in the mind’s eye,” “hearing in the head,” “imagining the feel of,” etc.) is a quasi-perceptual experience; it resembles perceptual experience, but occurs in the absence of the appropriate external stimuli. It is also generally understood to bear intentionality (i.e., mental images are always images of something or other), and thereby to function as a form of mental representation.” The exercise demonstrated above, with the sand, the beach, and the hammock is a perfect example of imagery.

What is affirmation?

In contrast, affirmation is the attempt to create new thought habits. It is a positive thought that you choose to adopt into your belief system to produce a specific desired result. The simplest form of affirmation involves repeating a new idea about yourself to yourself on a regular basis.

This exercise is used in a variety of situations.It is most commonly used to increase self esteem or to motivate people to perform certain actions. Noted French hypnotherapist Emile Coue (1857-1926) discovered that if you repeat an affirmation often enough and the affirmation is possible the brain will produce the belief in physical reality.

The use of imagery and affirmation in the Igen process

Because of their very nature, imagery and affirmation become effective weapons in your weight loss arsenal.

For example, you may take a photograph of your current self, at your current weight and affix it next to a picture of a younger and more importantly less hefty you, so that you can motivate yourself to stick to an exercise and diet routine. The more you look at the 2 images, the more you become motivated to shed those pounds.

Once you begin to use images and affirmative phrases in your weight loss plan, they lodge into your subconscious as potential realities. The more you “see” them, the more they begin to exert a subliminal effect on your behavior.

Although this scenario has nothing to do with weight loss, consider for example the case of a baseball player who regularly mentally practices his swing, then envisions himself catching a ground ball or throwing to the third base. The more he does this mentally, the more he would have trained his brain as if he physically did them.

The Igen Process takes advantage of this ability and teaches you how to implement it in your weight loss plan. Along with an understanding on why we eat and what motivates us, the Igen Process will help you lose weight and keep it off PERMANENTLY.