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Fat, sugar, and salt, pillars of health

Without fat sugar or salt we could not live. Our body craves these substances because they are necessary to our survival. The body needs fat and sugar as fuel for its many metabolic functions as well as for our physical movement. Salt is needed because it is a critical element in the various chemical reactions that take place in our body.

When we taste these substances in our food, the message we receive from our brain is to eat as much as possible, because they are absolutely necessary for our survival.It is the inadvertent and often automatic over-consumption of these substances encouraged by the food industry, that turn them from being beneficial to being toxic and threatening to our organism’s well-being.

Health Benefits of Fat:

Not all fats are bad; you just need to know the difference between fats you need, and fats you don’t need. Our bodies need a certain amount of triglycerides, cholesterol and other essential fatty acids, the scientific term for fats the body can’t make on its own.

Fats provide a source of stored energy
Fats build healthy cells
Fats build brains
Fats help the body use vitamins
Fats make hormones
Fat acts as an insulation blanket that reduces heat loss
Fat forms a protective cushion for your organs

Health Benefits of Sugar

Sugar has always been categorized as a villain as far as health is concerned. But sugar has health benefits too. Naturally occurring sugars, such as those found in fruit, and lactose, or milk sugar, come from sources that benefit your diet, and provide much needed carbohydrates.

A main source of immediate energy for your body:
Essential for our brain function
Sugar diminishes depression
Sugar for skin health

Health Benefits of Sodium (Salt)

Sodium helps muscles and nerves work properly by assisting muscular contraction and transmission of nerve signals. The Mayo Clinic reports having the proper amount of sodium in the body maintains an appropriate overall balance of bodily fluids. Sodium also helps sustain a regular blood pH level, an important indicator of health. In addition, supplemental doses of sodium are necessary when you sweat profusely, have sunstroke, or suffer from adrenal insufficiency. Sodium is regularly excreted in the urine, and poses no inherent toxicity or risk.

Salt and water balance
Prevents sunstroke
critical for brain function
Salt relieves muscle cramps
Salt is anti-aging
Salt eliminates excess carbon dioxide
Salt regulates glucose absorption and fluid levels

So, as you can see fat, salt and sugar are critical life sustaining substances present in our foods. However, it is our responsibility to regulate the body’s genetic bias to accumulate fuel (fat), while at the same time maintaining a life sustaining supply.

Fat, sugar, and salt, pillars of health