Igen Process

Becoming an expert on YOUR weight loss

We all want to achieve our goals in our lives — optimum health, a successful business, getting recognized, quitting smoking, and so on. All these goals require an expertise. However, Expertise is relative; you know more than some and you know less than others. However, when it comes to our weight, we are the only experts. We are the only ones who know how we gain weight.

There are no secrets or shortcuts to becoming an expert. We already know from what we’ve read or observed from successful people, it takes hard work, focus and dedication at a minimum. The good thing is we only have one body that we need to become an expert for and we live in it all day and can observe it all day long. When we undestand our body then we can guide it better.

How long it takes each of us individually to form a new habit can vary depending on our behavior, our intention and our circumstances. However, if we want to set realistic expectations, the “experts” say it would probably take about two months. These statistics also explain why after I do something every day for a week or two, it is still easy to “backslide” into my old ways and habits.


There is nothing like success to rev up your passion. How hard you are willing to work at acquiring the knowledge and the aptitude required, grows with your level of succes. When we succeed at something, we don’t want to give up on it. The Igen Process is a “trial and error” methodology. There are no wrong moves, they all serve to clarify and refine our strategy.

Becoming an expert on YOUR weight loss