Igen Process

Robert Ceja Cooley, Founder

After retirement, I combined my Bachelor Degree in Psychology, my Master’s Degree in Education, my lifelong experience with yo-yo dieting, and research in the field of neurology and bariatric issues, to craft a behavioral approach to reducing excess weight. The approach consists of tools, and a specific set of steps and sequences that when followed result in significant weight reduction. Our methodology changes weight reduction from a complex problem to a simple problem through a simple paradigm shift. However, the simplicity of the solution belies the difficulty of going against our biological instincts. In my class textbook “The Art of Weight Reduction”, I discuss topics of relevance to guide your transition from your current weight to your ideal weight.

Our Mission

To increase the quality of life in residential and workplace communities by embedding weight reduction programs within them. We will provide the teacher/coaches for these programs or we can train and license members of these communities to implement this educational program.